Friday, December 5, 2008

Finding the Perfect Job - Writing the Perfect Resume

Everyone wants to find the "perfect" job. After all, our working hours dominate the largest portion of our life, with, perhaps, the exception of sleeping. You want to make money, you want to be happy and, if you are like most people, you want personal fulfillment in your work. The steps you take along your career path can greatly affect this outcome

Be brutally honest with yourself. Analyze your abilities, your strengths and your weaknesses before you start flooding the job boards with your resume. You don't need to apply for a thousand jobs... just the ones that fit your criteria.

Perhaps most importantly, once you've made a realistic assessment of the the best possible positions to apply for, you need to approach potential employers with all the ammunition you can muster. This includes a very targeted cover letter, as well a resume, that matches the job description as closely as possible. Make certain that your resume includes key words that match the job posting. Were you aware that most large companies scan resumes electronically for these key words?

As someone who has read hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes, I am always amazed at the number of applicants who have absolutely no idea about the position they are applying for. Do your homework on the company you are sending your resume to! Emphasize why you believe you would be an asset to the firm, based upon this homework. Ask yourself, "If I was a Human Resources manager, would I call me for an interview?"

For advice regarding how to write the perfect resume, I highly recommend the following resources:

ResumeBear Job Blog

For first time or even experienced resume writers, you may find the ResumeBear an easy-to-use, step-by-step, online resume creation, management, delivery and tracking tool. With their unique, patent-pending service, you can send a resume online without attachments and be informed via e-mail or text message when your resume was opened, allowing you to be more proactive in your job search.

Above all, believe in yourself. Go into the interview with faith in your abilities and skills. Believe that you have something of value to offer. And don't forget to smile.


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